WSRP has a long history of excelling in partnering with our clients to meet their needs. We understand that technology is a critical component in meeting those needs. Pinion Technology Core (PTC) is our partner in ensuring we have a secure, stable, and flexible IT solution at our fingertips from anywhere we need it. Our partnership not only allows WSRP to meet its IT needs, but the relationship also delivers the competitive advantage of offering comprehensive IT solutions to our clients. This positions us to continue to meet our clients’ needs today and into the future.

Steven M. Racker, CPA Managing Partner
WSRP Certified Public Accountants and Business Advisors ​

We have been so pleased with our partnership with Pinion Technology Core! The quality of the work and the product they offer is fantastic and light years ahead of what we had before the transition to the PwrCloud system; but even more importantly the quality of the people is what really has made this a wonderful experience and great business decision for Florence Crittenton. We are in the business of people and relationships, so this is a huge component to every partnership we enter. The folks that were the first to talk to us about the product are the same people that walked us through the conversion and the same folks that come to our door personally when we have questions or problems. This is a true Montana-based company with all the aspects you would expect from such great products, great people, and great commitment to our organization. ​

Carrie Krepps Executive Director
Florence Crittenton Home & Services

Thanks to the great people at PTC, they’ve allowed us to create a platform that keeps us operating at multiple sites and from anywhere our travels take us. We needed a great deal of flexibility to access our data with our extensive travel and conference schedule. We’ve recommended them to several organizations for assistance with a variety of needs and I’ve heard nothing but great things from the people looking for help.

Tim Bartz Director
Upstream Academy