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The Top 5 Reasons PTC is the Right Choice for Your Technology

  1. Deep knowledge of accounting firm IT and culture – Born out of an accounting firm awarded for its commitment to technology, we understand the unique pressures and challenges facing today's CPA firms. Too often, IT firms only cover the basics. We strive to cover all your IT needs! We know the software you use, the deadlines you face, and the culture of hard-working accounting firms. We speak your language. We care about your success and understand that inferior technology and support costs you time. Highly productive and efficient staff is essential to ensuring your clients receive the value they expect in today's competitive markets while keeping your firm profitable.  Great technology can unlock your firm's potential!
  2. We partner with our clients – We are and always will be highly accountable to our clients. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients grow their businesses, becoming more successful. As an PTC client, you can expect a relationship built on trust, honesty, and integrity. We have over 40 IT professionals in our organization that have specific skill sets to help your firm achieve IT business objectives. We have dedicated security, engineering, support, consulting, and account management teams to serve all your needs with highly skilled professionals. Your PTC team doesn't just fix issues as they come up. They will help you plan short, and long-term objectives by leveraging our industry knowledge to advise you on solutions and processes that will take your firm to the next level. Your dedicated team will get to know your firm through many touchpoints and regular communication. We are only successful if you are successful, and that is our number one goal.
  3. Passionate about innovative solutions - We love technology! Our team is always looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of our clients' technology infrastructures and ensuring their technology investment is aligned with business goals.
  4. Always learning and exploring - Because we are so passionate about technology and how it can help our clients, we are experts at what we do. We don't take our expertise for granted – we work tirelessly to continually improving our skills and learning about what's next.  Technology is always changing and we change to meet the technology needs of now and the future...
  5. Think like a client - All of our employees approach their work through the eyes of a client. We consider our clients' needs, desired outcomes, and how to best exceed these needs. If you were the client, what would you want to hear? How would you want to be treated? What would your experience be? Deliver excellent client service every day.

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Pat Sassano
Chief Revenue Officer

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